Exhibition of "Vienna's Conscience"

Time:2010/10/18 16:47:55        


  The pictures exhibition “Vienna’s conscience” shows a real Vienna half a century after the Nazis perished and records the people’s reflections on the particular history. The pictures are taken from a book entitled “Vienna’s conscience” by Richard Winter which contains some brief interviews and photos collected by the editor. Richard Winter is an Austrian and escaped to the USA in 1938. In 1988 when he returned to Austria, he conducted some interviews on the topics of “Occupation of Austria by Nazi Germany in 1938” and “Nazi Persecution of Jews”. His respondents included mainly common people and political insiders. The book was published by Richard Winter’s wife, Margolis Balk, and Dr. Gregory Weeks after Richard passed away. Dr. Gregory Weeks is a scholar on the Holocaust and an honored professor of Webster University in Vienna.