"China-Israel Friendship" Photo Exhibition

Time:2010/10/18 14:53:24        


  Israel and China are two great ancient civilizations that have made great contributions to humankind. Both countries boast long histories but are at the same time faced with tremendous challenges. The Exhibition, on the theme of “Israel and China, Ancient Civilizations, Modern Friends and Partners for the Future”, shows precious historical pictures with captions describing the friendship between Israel and China. The Exhibition includes 23 display boards and a great variety and number of pictures that tell the mutual achievements made by the countries in culture, science and technology and humanity. They also tell the stories of Israelites, the mutual development of the people of both countries, their historical origins, their prosperity of today and promising future as partners and friends.

  Ever since their diplomatic relations were established in 1992, Israel and China have cooperated and communicated with each other extensively, which has brought about amazing benefits and advancements for both countries. Now, while China is the most important trade partner for Israel in East Asia, Israel’s advanced technologies and products in its innovative agriculture, medical care, information and water conservation are continuously introduced to China. By the year 2008 which marks the sixteenth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two nations, the volume of bilateral trade has exceeded US$5 billion, almost 100 times more than in 1992. Israel and China are also the most popular tourism destinations all over the world. EL AL Israel Airlines has three flights per week from Beijing and Hong Kong directly to Tel Aviv.

  In the future, Israel’s international cooperation projects in China will be designed and conducted in such as way as to help China achieve its development goals. In addition, Israeli experts repeatedly won awards and recognition from the Chinese government thanks to their contribution to China’s social development. In the future, the two countries will continue to respect and recognize the achievements of each other and make efforts to create a strong platform for more and further cooperation and exchanges.